Month: January 2016

Death and Lotto

In which we discuss why playing the lotto might be a model by which all taxes could become voluntary.  Is the reason why it isn’t this way now because of necessity or a lack of creativity?  

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Blood Sugar, Sex Hormone Magik Part 1

In this two part series, we are going to delve into an incredibly complex but widespread and vitally important phenomenon that is affecting vastly more people than previously realized.  We are going to examine the intricate and pervasive role of how aspects of the metabolic syndrome are related to various other hormonal pathways, particularly those of the sex hormones and the so-called “neurosteroids”.  We will also explore how this is intimately related to the often concomitant phenomenon of chronic pain, sarcopenia or inadequate skeletal muscle, and mood disorders.  We will then look into how this phenomenon is related to...

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